in every issue
10 Letters and Contributors FULL TEXT

12 Wavelengths
Winter is the season of majestic beauty. This issue guides
those looking for new adventures.

28 Undercurrents
When Great Lakes science is taught on a schooner, the
lessons can anchor and shape the future.

36 Vintage Views
The kit cottage boom. They arrived on site shipped in crates and
could be assembled with no prior experience.

80 Michigan's top 5
Panfish are often favored over other fish species. Here’s why.

104 Reflections
A stormy night on the lake-shore delivers more than
rain and wind-blown sand.

16 Waterways
To rent your cottage or not, nature-inspired décor, natural
shorelines, low-maintenance gardens and decorative tile art.

27 The Sporting life
ying flies on winter nights helps pass the time until trout season.

30 State of Mine
Looking to reclaim a piece of the past, a grieving woman
considers larceny and finds some things are better left intact.



34 At the helm
The 25 Super Sport, a new prototype from Grand-Craft Boats,
marries performance design with classic mahogany luxury.


85 Excursions
Edible monuments, a U.P. Snowfest, elk viewing by sleigh and
gourmet eats, the Beard of Zeus Fat Bike Race and
largest flower design show in the U.S.

98 Dining Destination
Michigan Craft Cocktail bars are resurrecting old
favorites with a New Age twist.

102 Tasting Room
The Oceana Winery tasting room in Muskegon brings social
drinking back to the Century Club.

38 Secluded paradise
Renovating a lighthouse on a private island is no small task.
Doing so was a labor of love for a Charlevoix couple who
created a private haven.

44 The world of loons
The iconic bird of the north prefers still waters, ponds and lakes
where disturbances are minimal. Photographer Tom Haxby
met them face to face.

48 Henry Ford’s northern Michigan tracks
Henry Ford was an outdoor adventurer among many things.
He loved to fish, to camp and explore. Michigan proved
the perfect place to test drive his cars.

Great Lake Story