Four incomparable seasons aside, our state boasts the largest bodies of freshwater and freshness for living on the globe. Michigan’s greatest natural resource is ever evolving, ever inspiring, ever expanding our yearning to step up to the edge of yet another shore, to embark on yet another adventure, to connect with others who share our passion.

Inside every issue
ADVENTURE There’s much to discover and explore in Michigan: 36,000 miles of rivers and streams; 3,000 miles of freshwater coast; over 10,000 inland lakes; millions of acres of state and national forests. Every issue of BLUE is an adventure.

HOME Michigan’s natural surroundings inspire more than visual appreciation. Waterfront homeowners revel in creating distinctive outdoor spaces. BLUE’s home features and stories showcase and celebrate a distinctive lifestyle Michigan affords us.

NOSTALGIA Michigan is a state steeped in nostalgia. Second to water, it may be our greatest asset, but intrinsically coupled with its presence: timber, furniture, automotive, marine, recreation, education, agriculture. Threads of Michigan’s rich history are woven into every issue of BLUE.

AT THE HELM Dedicated to boating trends, products, traditions and excursions, these pages spot- light everything from kayak runs to sailing races, annual shows to legacy restoration.

EXCURSIONS Regional and seasonal events, festivals, activities and venues that justify a drive.

LAKE STORIES Literary excerpts and creative non-fiction essays selected from prominent and emerging Michigan writers.

SPORTING LIFE Our veteran writers’ take on outdoor passions extends from nostalgic lodges, guided adventures and artful collections to regional events, seasonal narratives and foraging for wild edibles.

TASTING ROOM/DINING DESTINATION Stories of Michigan’s world-class wine growing regions, local food trends and catapulting craft brew scene are interspersed with inviting seasonal recipes and regional culinary excursions.

WATERWAYS Collection of short, seasonal stories reflecting our reader’s distinctive lake lifestyle.

MICHIGAN TOP 5 Regular BLUE columnist and internationally recognized wilderness/travel guide author Jim DuFresne shares favorite Michigan adventures, excursions and spots-to-see for every season.

REFLECTIONS Renowned Michigan author and BLUE back-page columnist Jerry Dennis expresses in sensory detail discoveries made and moments shared in Michigan’s woods and waters.

VINTAGE VIEWS Michigan Notable Book authors and new BLUE columnists Christine Byron and Tom Wilson share nostalgic slices of the Great Lakes State’s tourism history.

UNDERCURRENTS Award-winning outdoor writer and regular BLUE columnist Howard Meyerson explores environmental issues and insights related to protecting the state’s greatest natural resource: Water.

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